Set up Security Key on Windows

Setting up Hideez FIDO Security Key on Windows 10

The first step after receiving security key is to set up PIN code of the security key, there are several available tools that can be used to manage security keys as listed.

It is recommended to set up the security key first before provision security key to web services.

Windows built-in Security Key Manager

Windows built in security key manager is available in Windows 19H1 and above.

Video Guide Pairing HK with Windows 10

Video Guide Creating, changing and deleting a PIN code for Security Key

Pairing a Hideez Key device with Windows 10‌

  1. For successful pairing of the Hideez Key device, you will need a Windows 10, OS build 1840, or later. For earlier versions, the correct operation of the device is not guaranteed. How to find out which version of Windows your device is running.

  2. Select Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.

  3. Press (short press) the button on the Hideez Key device.

    After you press a device button, a blue LED lights up - three long flashes of variable brightness, which means that the device is ready for Pairing. Video

  4. Click Add Bluetooth or other devices > Bluetooth on the Windows screen.

  5. Select your Hideez Key device (for example HK-00203). The last five digits coincide with the serial number printed on the device box.

  6. After the connection is established, the green LED lights up (blinks) on the selected device, inviting you to confirm the operation. You need to confirm pairing with a short button press. If you don’t confirm the operation within 15 seconds, there will be no pairing and the LED on the device will stop blinking. Video

  7. Successful pairing is confirmed by the inscription «Your device is ready to go».

  8. In the Bluetooth & other devices section, a new HK3-00203 device appears.

Creating a PIN code on a Hideez Key device for FIDO technology

The PIN code created for Secure Device for Windows (FIDO) may differ from the PIN code in Hideez Client.

Windows uses another technology to securely store, transfer, and verify the PIN code.

  1. Select Start > Windows Settings > Account > Sign-in options > Security Key > Manage

If you don't see this option, you need to Enable FIDO Authentication by this Guide

If you don't see this option, you need to Enable FIDO Authentication by this Guide

  1. After clicking on the Manage button, the Hideez Key will require confirmation of this operation with a short press on the button. If you don’t confirm it in 20 seconds, Windows reports the problem and restarts the operation. Video

  2. When the message “Take action on your Bluetooth security key” appears, confirm it with a short press on the Hideez Key button. A window then appears with "Windows Hello setup" from the menu "Add Security Key PIN" and "Reset Security Key". Video

  3. Select “Add PIN to Security Key” and enter the same PIN code containing 4 to 32 digits twice.

‌Changing PIN code for FIDO technology

Go to the “Windows Hello setup” section and select “Change Security Key PIN” to change the PIN code. Next, you need to type your old PIN followed by a new one (twice) and click “OK”.

Removing PIN code and clearing all FIDO data

  1. Enter the “Windows Hello setup” section and select “Reset Security Key” and then “Proceed” to remove the PIN code and FIDO data.

  2. Each time the message “Take action on your Bluetooth security key” appears, confirm it with a short press. This action must be confirmed twice. Video

  1. The success of the operation is signaled by the message “Reset Complete”. After that, all data associated with FIDO (PIN, accounts, resident key) will be removed.